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Almeida Prado & Hoffmann

Almeida Prado & Hoffmann Advogados Associados, established in 2006, is a firm that has developed relevant work in different fields of Business Law throughout the years, either preventively as well as in the administrative and judicial scope.

Such performance has been highly awarded in the last years, as it was the case of Revista Análise, which regarded our firm as one of the best in Brazil.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR came into force on September 18, 2020.
In Brazil, GDPR/LGPD establishes fines that may vary from 2% of the gross revenue up to R$ 50 million per violation.
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Areas of expertise

Our associates have specialization and post-graduation in their respective fields of expertise, and they search for constant enhancement, relying on a broad experience obtained while working with the most relevant legal themes.

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Manual prático de como adequar uma empresa à LGPD

A LGPD está em vigor. Você sabe qual a importância de adequar sua empresa para que não receba uma multa?