Business Law

Have you ever thought about how important it is to protect the proprietary and legal integrity of your company?

Regularizing the business status is crucial for the enterprise, the entrepreneur, the partners and even for its employees.

Business Law is a field of the Private Law that deals with relations among private entities, and it is crucial to assure that a company will be operating in accordance with what the law states for its business model.

Every entrepreneur needs to adjust to the rules in order to correctly perform the operation and management of their company, avoiding problems with the Justice and third parties.

Our differential

Almeida Prado & Hoffmann Advogados Associados is a firm specialized in Business Law and works exactly to protect your company’s rights and make sure the laws have been appropriately observed, avoiding unfair sanctions and promoting the economy of resources.

There are many advantages for the entrepreneur, who will be able to count on the support of our experts in Business Law, as well as their expertise in the current legislation, making their business routine much more safer when it comes to legal terms.

Your company needs to be protected!

Rely on Almeida Prado & Hoffmann in the fields of Business Law.

How our office can help you

Fields of Business Law we work with

The office Almeida Prado & Hoffmann has been operating for 15 years, providing assistance to large national and multinational companies in all fields of law.

Corporate Law is dedicated to the studies of corporate partnerships and matters involving the partners, such as: changes in control and participation, management issues, corporate conflicts, among others.

The types of partnerships our Business Law establishes are:

  • Limited-Liability Company (Ltd.)
  • Business Corporation
  • Limited Partnership per Shares
  • Limited Partnership
  • General Partnership

With the legal consultancy of Almeida Prado & Hoffmann Advogados Associados, the partners will be able to choose the most appropriate modality of partnership for their company, which will allow a healthier and juridically safer growth for the enterprise.

When a company is opened, a tax regime has to be chosen. This tax regime
will determine the way the company will be paying its taxes. In practice, it defines how the total of taxes an enterprise pays will be calculated.

The tax regimes are:

  • Simples Nacional: a regime oriented mostly to micro and small businesses. It’s used for enterprises with annual income of up to R$ 4.8 million and its main characteristic is the unified calculation of many taxes in just one payment slip, facilitating revenue and payment.
  • Lucro Real (Real Profit): a tax regime in which the company pays its taxes according to the amount of profit obtained during the fiscal period. It’s indicated for enterprises whose income floats along the year because it adjusts to periods of high and low profitability.
  • Lucro Presumido (Presumed Profit): a tax in which the taxation is calculated according to a prefixed presumption of income. It’s indicated for companies with stable or growing profit estimations along the year because it can provide a total of taxation smaller than the real profit.

Our lawyers who are specialized in Business Law can work along with your company’s accounting team in order to guide you and your partners regarding the most indicated taxation modalities, according to the characteristics of your company.

After the modifications brought by the Labor Reform, it’s important to remind that a juridical assistance in this law field is indispensable.

When a company is structured, it creates jobs and contributes to our country’s growth. That’s why establishing an organization with those who understand about the business is so necessary.

One of the biggest advantages about hiring juridical business employment assistance is the protection of your company.

With the juridical employment assistance of Almeida Prado & Hoffmann Advogados Associados, you can rely on the entire security your company needs in order to work efficiently when it comes to labor laws and prevention of financial losses.

  • Preventive and contentious legal representation;
  • Representation as agents in hearings all over Brazil;
  • Oral arguments and representation in courts;
  • Labor Union Consultancy;
  • HR Consultancy;
  • Consultancy and representation in the relationship between the company and the labor union;
  • Labor Planning;
  • Analyses of Brazilian judges before decisions that have already been passed, prevailing opinions and ways to act in court hearings;
  • Lectures and orientation about labor laws for employees, partners, directors, managers and any other company’s associates;

Contract Law is a field of law responsible for analyzing the characteristics and the impacts of agreements on those who are involved with them.

A lawyer who is specialized in agreements is crucial for any company when it elaborates, reviews and analyzes agreements. They work helping and representing natural and legal person in the elaboration and signature of agreements.

If your company needs Legal Assistance, Almeida Prado & Hoffmann Advogados Associados can help you with the negotiation, elaboration and performance of contracts such as supplying, distribution, commercial representation, service providing, preservation of intellectual and industrial property, loans, provision of guarantees, insurance, factoring and franchising.

Each one of them has its own characteristics, inherent to the respective fields of Law. However, all of them refer to contentious or solution-pending questions in the judicial scope.

Our lawyers are used to disputes but, beyond that, we seek to be updated when it comes to the best law practices. It means that we are open to dialogue when negotiating agreement offers whenever it is necessary, even opting for alternative conflict solutions out of
the court.

The main activities developed by our firm are:

  • Filing and following up of suits;
  • Presentation of defenses, appeals and objections;
  • Performance of procedural remedies such as inspections and auctions;
  • Performance of oral arguments before the superior courts;
  • Facilitation of alternative solutions in order to solve the disputes.
  • Whatever the size and the objective established for your business is, you can rely on our office services to provide your company with the security it needs! Request an appointment with one of our lawyers.

Your company needs to be protected!

Rely on Almeida Prado & Hoffmann in the fields of Business Law.
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